Forgive us Father for WE have sinned!!

This past Monday I had the unfortunate experience of witnessing an episode of our society that really made me feel terrified... In the afternoon, around the time to go back home, while waiting for the metrorail at the Government Center station a lady came desperately crying like a baby. Some people noticed her, but most of the them ignored her; some people passed by her just looking at her, even two security officers where standing nearby contemplating the situation. For six long minutes NO ONE approached the lady until a young girl decided to ask her if she was ok. The lady did not want to talk. I decided to visually document what was happening and at some point I also approached the lady not getting a single word from her. The train came, we all left, she stayed... While riding the train I felt so bad for the lady, but I felt worst for most of the bystanders, who were mostly teenagers... We have gotten to the point that we do not care by our neighbor's problem... Shame on us!!