San Lázaro Celebration @ Josefina's front yard shrine

One of the most prominent cultures of Miami is the Cuban culture. And one of the most important and deep rooted religious celebrations brought to South Florida by Cuban Exiles since the beginning of the Cuban immigration to the USA is the Festivity of San Lázaro as known by the Catholic Church tradition or Babalú Ayé as known in the Yoruba or Santería religion. On the eve of the festivity many household altars are prepared with offerings to the saint, some people even have a party where family and friends are invited to celebrate.

Josefina is a Dominican immigrant, who became a very devoted believer of San Lázaro while working at a Cuban restaurant many years ago. As a way of thanking San Lázaro for all the favors made, Josefina made the promise to have a human size statue of San Lázaro at an altar in her house front yard.