Echoes d'Haiti in Miami

Haitians started immigrating to the United States in the early 1800s, but did not receive much attention until the 1950s and early 1960s when Haitian immigration to the U.S. began to increase visibly. After President Jean Bertrand Aristide was overthrown in 1991, another wave of Haitians came to the U.S. Like most groups of immigrants, those of Haitian descent achieve a wide array of socioeconomic statuses. Haitians in North Miami and Miami Shores are creating a growing middle class, while the Haitians in Little Haiti are living in one of the poorest communities in Miami-Dade County. Despite this fact, I find Little Haiti as one of the most interesting and magical places in Miami. I tend to drive by very frequently being able to witness the life of the Haitian community at its best. Haitian people are very welcoming, very humble, very passionate when it comes to keeping their roots. This collection of photos captured, most of them, in colorful Little Haiti are a testimony of the life of the Haitian community in Miami. I just hope that the inevitable process of gentrification that is coming to this neighborhood does not convert it into another soulless and charmless Miami's neighborhood.