#freethenipples, a topless women's painted breast story

In Halloween of year 2014 I went to the famous Fantasy Fest event, a somewhat wild street party held yearly during the last week of October in Key West, Florida. Despite the very imaginative costumes that I saw and all the wildness that happened at every corner of Duval street and beyond, my attention was drawn to the huge amount of topless women having their breast painted, ranging the themes of the painting from very simple and minimalist designs to real creative works of art. Then, I decided to document through photographs the different motivations that many of these ladies had in order to spend a day topless walking the streets of Key West. And I ask some of them about these motivations, getting simple answers like "Fun", "Freedom", "Feeling Liberated", "Feeling beautiful", "Equality", etc. Most of these women were regular ladies, not models or young women with "perfect" breasts; in fact, some of them were old ladies, and even some had visible scars in their breasts.

By American cultural logic, topless men are only sexual when they want to be, but topless women are inherently sexual regardless of their actions, with the sole exception of breastfeeding. Legally, female toplessness in public isn't as forbidden as most people might think. In fact, only three states - Utah, Indiana and Tennessee - have state laws on the books explicitly banning it. Therefore, this photo documentary is about the nipple double standard and gender disparity in our society.