Rafael Ortíz, a Cuban immigrant, is on a hunger strike

In just few minutes the sun will rise and it will be the 4th day of Rafael Ortíz's hunger strike right across from the Government Center building. He is a Cuban immigrant living in the US since the eighties, but apparently he made mistakes in life that have made impossible for him to gain a legal status as an immigrant. He claims that he is been living in the country for the last 26 years without a legal immigration status. He says that he has tried to take care of this situation in several occasions but every time he tries he falls victim of the bureaucratic system and by now he has ran out of resources since he is not able to legally work to support himself. 
Last night, since I was near downtown, I passed by to see if he was there. And there he was, and we talked one more time. He is a pretty articulate human being, and I heard his claims with an open mind. He told me that despite of the many mistakes he may have made in life, he deserve a second chance to work and live as a decent person. He also told me that many of the homeless people living on the streets of Downtown Miami are not drug addicts or people that have had legal problems, many of them are just human beings going through a difficult time in their lives. 
Since I believe in second chances and I also believe that I'm no one to judge, I promise him to write about his case in my blog, and this is his story. I just wish that Rafael finds a solution to his problem. He is determine to die if he is not helped.